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Metal Manufacturing Tip

Building Value Through Supply Chain

It is exciting to build and launch a new or improved product. As drawings are developed, companies define what they want parts to do, how they function, budget parameters, and the quality standards necessary. Partnering with manufacturers in the supply chain early on can add long-term value in ways you may not have considered. Read more.

Don Sherrill is our Project Planning expert.

Don Sherrill

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Blue Star Recyclers Achieves
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Vertical Integration of Metal Processes
Qualtek Featured in CAMA Video
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“Out of Office”

Qualtek President Chris Fagnant is Out of Office. But you can still reach him! His new blog for The Fabricator is called Out of Office. See his latest article about the speed of change in manufacturing.

Article by Qualtek President Featured in Colorado Springs Business Journal

Chris Fagnant, President of Qualtek, describes contradictory impact of Presidential election on Colorado manufacturing. Read the full article.

Qualtek Achieves ELP Gold

Qualtek received notice from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that they reached all compliance criteria to be named a Gold Leader in the Environmental Leadership Program.

ELP is a statewide program that recognizes organizations that voluntarily go beyond compliance to continual environmental improvement.

Read the press release.

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