The Electropolishing Denver Businesses Can Respect

Created at : Jul 22, 2021

While the term plating is often heard in today’s modern world of industry manufacturing, it is often used as a catchall to describe a wide variety of metal finishing processes. In actuality, something known as electropolishing is an innovative type of process that uses an electromechanical solution or what is often referred to as a charged chemical bath to produce the desired results. In this instance, parts that are being processed become the anodes while the processing tank becomes the cathode bar. This allows for an electric current to be delivered and to produce outstanding results when it comes to finishing a wide range of materials.

Provides Industry and Manufacturing with More Options

The end result when using electropolishing Denver businesses can respect is an impressive removal of surface material that ultimately results in a unique corrosion resistant finish that is impressively smooth. In other cases, even a matte finish can be applied as necessary. This is an important technology that provides industry and manufacturing with more options and more choices than were ever possible in the past for finishing a wide variety of metal products, parts or components. Working with the right company is the first step in enjoying the best in this type of metal processing.

The End Result Can Be a Shiny or Matte Finish

Qualtek Manufacturing is a company with a proven track record that specializes in a wide range of unique and innovative processes. When it comes to electropolishing in Denver, the applications for this type of process can vary substantially. From general manufacturing to aerospace and the automotive industry as well as medical and dental equipment and using stainless steel of varying quality, the end result can be a shiny or matte finish that is absolutely impressive. The most important benefits of this process include deburring, less adhesion, easier cleaning and improved surface finish as well as greater resistance to corrosion. To learn more, contact the company today.