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Vertical Integration for metal part manufacturing

Complete Metal Services

Qualtek offers vertical integration of all processes associated with metal part manufacturing.

You get

  • Optimized Process
  • Shortest Lead Times
  • Lowest System Cost
Jason Kroening Metal Production Expert

Expert Consultants

Our clients choose Qualtek because they have a problem to solve. Our experts provide advice on custom or unusual projects as well as helping ensure typical metal processes are completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

One place. One team.

Mary Fagnant President of Qualtek Manufacturing

Metal Parts for Multiple Markets

Our clients come from many industries and markets. We create parts for medical equipment, aerospace and automotive engineers, and apparel and retail product manufacturers. Just as important as our ability to meet the highest standards of each industry we serve, is our ability to apply efficient part design and production across many markets.

Partnering with Clients

Clients know we creatively collaborate to solve their metal manufacturing problems. ~ Mary Fagnant

Tips for the Trades

Metal Production
White Papers
  • Most Tool and Die folks know about Wire EDM. But do you know when it is right for YOU?

  • Bringing our expertise together at the beginning of your design process helps develop a part that is extremely efficient to produce.

White Papers
  • “Wow — you can DO that?” is a comment I hear frequently when someone sees the deep-drawn cans we produce.

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