to our Quality Products

It's ingrained in our company fabric that we do not have bad parts out the door. - Jason Kroening

Qualtek’s Quality Policy

We are driven to meet the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers through conformance to the requirements jointly established to meet these needs and expectations.

Our goal for standard of performance is zero defects. We will achieve this standard through a system of defect prevention and the process of continuous improvement utilizing statistical techniques where appropriate.

We will provide value added products through exceptional customer support and by delivering products and services to our customers on time.

Qualtek’s Performance Standards

Measuring Up to Medical Device Quality

A large medical device manufacturer designed a stainless steel disposable instrument and needed to find a partner to design the process and manufacture the part. They wanted a partner with expertise in designing a process that would economically produce millions of parts. They also needed a manufacturer that had multiple capabilities (stamping and finishing) to produce the product in house to control the quality, reduce lead-time, and minimize shipping costs.

Qualtek engineers designed an advanced progressive die that met the client’s stringent dimensional and part output requirements. We also applied a customized electro-polished finish on the part to eliminate glare when doctors used the instrument.

The customer was able to grow this exciting product line from zero to hundreds of thousands of parts in only 2 years.

Aerospace Fastening Device Success

A large supplier to the aerospace industry developed a novel fastening device that was so successful that it blew away their ability to keep up with demand. They outsourced multiple manufacturing steps at different vendors located thousands of miles apart. Lead times were extended to more than 3 months, stifling growth. Freight and quality costs were eating away their profitability.

Qualtek developed a process to meet their high quality standards, fast lead-time requirements, and ever-increasing demand all at our single location. Qualtek engineers developed sophisticated tooling that produced high-volume intricate stamped parts. Our in house passivation department created a unique chemistry that provided a super clean surface with tremendous throughput. We also implemented a KANBAN system that assured the right amount of parts at the right time.

The result of Qualtek solutions was a reduction of lead times from 6 months to 2 weeks, a 200% increase of available product to the ever-growing customer base and a 40% reduction in product cost.

We are providing good & on time services to our valuable customers.