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Stamping Capabilities

  • Servo-press technology
  • Progressive die
  • Compound die
  • Deep draw
  • High speed
  • Riveting
  • Vibratory tumbling
  • Rotary tumbling
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Client Stamping Success Story

A client came to Qualtek needing to produce an affordable and single-use part for a medical device. To complete the project, the stamping required complicated metal forming and shaping. This was developed and accomplished at Qualtek in a progressive die that utilized advanced CAD features.

After stamping, this part required special finishing. The unique advantage of working with Qualtek is that the client could solve tool and die, stamping, and finishing problems in one location.

Metal Stamping Processes

Cost-effective Quality Control

Qualtek utilizes Zontec SPC software with direct gauge input to monitor quality tolerance adherence in production.

STAMPING Specifications Sheet

Press Equipment
  • AIDA Servo (2)
  • COE Servo Feed Line
  • Bruderer High Speed Mechanical
  • Sutherland — SEYI Mechanical
  • Komatsu Mechanical
  • Niagara Mechanical
Metal Types
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steels
  • Hardened Spring Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
Stamping Tolerance
  • 1/- 0.002
  • Near fine blanking tolerance
    1/- 0.0002
Gauge Range (in inches)
  • .002 up to .25

Tool & Die

Tool & Die Capabilities

  • CAD Design
  • Die Build
  • US Department of Labor registered Tool and Die Apprenticeship Program in Colorado
  • 2 Journeyman and 1 Apprentice employed
Die for laryngoscope
Die for laryngoscope

Tool & Die Specifications Sheet

Tool & Die
  • Press-Fit Terminal
  • Custom Stamping
  • Power Terminal
  • Carbide(CD650,V3,KD20)
  • ASP-23
  • S55C-45#55
  • ASP-23
Die Types
  • Forming Dies
  • High Speed Steel Dies
  • Precision Progressive Stamping Dies
  • Near Fine Blank

In-House Wire EDM

In-House Wire EDM Capabilities

  • Prototype or production runs
  • Tapers, Angles, and Transitions
  • Fine Wire EDM
  • EDM Hole Drilling
  • 5 Axis

In-House Wire EDM Process

In-House Wire EDM Specifications Sheet

In-House Wire EDM
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Steel
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
Precise Cut Title
  • Tolerances to .0002" and surface finishes of 24 µin
  • Fine Wire EDM – .004" ø Wire
  • EDM Hole Drilling – 0.027 – 0.118"

Vertical Integration of Metal Manufacturing

In-House Wire EDM coupled with In-House Tool and Die saves our customers time and money. ~ Chris Fagnant

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