Near Fine Blanking

Qualtek’s Servo Near Fine Blanking​

Normal Stamping FineBlanking Servo Near Fine Blanking

Qualtek now offers Servo Near Fine Blanking (NFB) as an viable replacement for traditional stamping or fine blanking.  Near Fine Blanking provides 80% or greater burnished edges that can eliminate machining operations and reduce both time and cost.  Servo Near Fine Blanking offers significant reduction in lead time and substantial reduction in piece part price and tooling cost.

Near Fine Blanking Example  
  • Dimensional accuracy using servo press technology ​
  • Combined with very accurate, extremely small clearance die design


  • Extremely attractive tooling and piece part pricing​
  • Comparable to fine blanking dimensional accuracy and edge quality​
  • Complex part geometry with both conventional and fine blanked edges possible​
  • 80%+ burnished edge eliminating shaving or machining operations​
  • Very high dimensional accuracy and flatness achieved​
  • Holes smaller than the material thickness can be pierced​
  • Secondary operations like in-die tapping can be done in the press​