Qualtek Manufacturing’s Commitment to Sustainability

Qualtek's sustainability commitment is directed toward our most pressing energy and environmental challenges. Operationally, we focus on reducing energy and water consumption. Employees from different departments work to achieve goals of efficient use of natural resources, improving the health and well being of employees and our community, and contributing to the economic health of the organization.

Our Environmental Goals

In 2017 Qualtek Manufacturing is committed to achieving these environmental goals:

  1. Reduce paper usage
  2. Reduction in the cost of our utilities as a percentage of sales
  1. Reduce landfill waste and improve recycling rate
  2. Improve employee awareness of environmental issues

To support achieving our environmental goals, we established the Qualtek Manufacturing Environmental Policy.

Our Environmental Results

Wind Energy

Reduced Carbon Footprint

From Jan ‘13 – Dec ‘14 Qualtek sourced 87500 KWH through Colorado Springs Utilities. Effectively offsetting 2088 mWh of conventionally produced electricity with 100% clean renewable wind power; which represents an emissions reduction of nearly 30% for our entire manufacturing operation

Water Conservation

35,000 Gallons Reused Yearly

Water captured from the heat Treat department is diverted every day to our Finishing Department resulting in recycling and reusing over 35,000 gallons of water per year.

Solar Power

144mWh of Electricity

A 26KW Solar panel array produces 90% of the electricity needed to power offices and material warehousing at our neighboring 4218 N. Nevada building. Since installation the array has produced 144mWh of 0 emission electricity.

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