Why Qualtek?

When you work with Qualtek, together we build a better product and have fun along the way.

People-Focused Culture

People are really good to work with. They’re like family here at Qualtek. ~ Petra Nunez

Business Philosophy — Serious Fun

People do business with people they trust and enjoy working with. Our clients come to us because they trust we can help them solve metal manufacturing problems. To earn their respect we know we must be innovative, honest, and experts at what we do. Along the way we have a great time and produce great products.

Clients have relied on Qualtek for over 50 years to consult on unique, complex applications or production requirements. Together we find solutions to your toughest problems.

We welcome client audits and site visits.

We make pigs fly!

Qualtek Employees Salute CEO for taking a lead role at PMA

Qualtek Leadership

Troy Roberts, CEO

Prior to assuming the role of CEO of Qualtek Manufacturing, Troy Roberts was President/COO of AIDA-America. There he implemented a business model that managed and balanced sales volume and margin streams from locally manufactured products to reduce cycle-time risks.

“As more companies recognize the benefits of seeking local manufacturers that provide both quality and cycle-time efficiency, I see continued growth for Qualtek,” stated Roberts. “I am very excited to bring my experience from a global leader in stamping technology here to a company with the resources to deploy the technology in the contract manufacturing space.”

Troy Roberts, CEO

Christopher Fagnant, President

First serving as Director of E (Energy, Efficiency, Environment) in 2011, Chris went on to serve as Vice President of Business Development in 2013 and President in 2015.

During his tenure, Chris created an energy efficiency program for the company that reduced carbon emissions, secured renewable energy grants, reduced water consumption and achieved CDPHE Gold Leadership status for Qualtek. Chris helped usher in the next era of the company streamlined around Tool and Die, Stamping, and Metal Finishing. His focus being new product capabilities like near fine blanking and onboarding new customers and part families in the medical device, aerospace, and clean energy industries. champions workforce development initiatives to enhance the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing throughout the State.

Fagnant holds a BSBA from University of Denver. He served on the Electric Integrated Resource Planning Committee for Colorado Springs Utilities from 2015–`16, as an Advisory Board member of Blue Star Recyclers, and currently serves on the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Associations Board of Directors.

Chris Fagnant, President